EventHubs reacts to new Street Fighter 6 costumes


While we were hoping a brand new roster member might be shown at San Diego Comic Con today, (and said character very well may have accidentally slipped out from one of the panelists; we talk about it in the video) we got the next best thing as Capcom revealed new costumes for all five of the characters confirmed for the game.

How do said costumes look? Do they call back to or imply anything particularly noteworthy or special? Catalyst and I have opinions, answers, and more in our latest Talk and Block reaction video.

Ryu is the first character we look at as he and his fellow Street Fighter 2 OGs all got nostalgic attire. While he’s still clearly older, he slips into his Street Fighter 4/Street Fighter 5 wear in which he puts on his red gauntlets and pristinely white gi.

He also shaves his face to become less hot Ryu, but with the success that all the nostalgia costumes saw in Street Fighter 5 it feels like having callback looks will be all but standard practice moving forward.

Chun-Li trades her new blue dress for her old blue dress, and puts back on her trademark spiked bracelets in a straightforward blast from the past. Developers also shared an interesting bit about her taunt in Street Fighter 6, which looks just like one from Street Fighter 4, but actually has a hitbox attached to it.

This naturally leads us to wonder just how much fun Capcom will be having with taunts in SF6. They were part of the strategy in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike as taunting would give characters buffs and temporary advantages, but will developers go this far in their latest entry?

Modern Guile, now with eyebrows and hair that mostly obeys the laws of physics, slips into the old school Guile uniform and looks just awesome in it. His primary color is green, but his secondary color is brown and serves as a callback to his unique Champion Edition appearance.

Luke has Timberland boots on and looks… fine. His hair protrudes from underneath a backwards cap and THAT we (I) have a decent bit of issue with. Hopefully he isn’t as annoying as he is in Street Fighter 5, but he’s well on his way to being so with this outfit.

Jamie, though with some obvious similarities to his rival Luke, looks great. He gets a kind of vest, new pants, and new shoes as well as a gold chain devs were sure to point out.

This might have been highlighted because of how shoddy accessories such as Birdie’s chain looked as they often clipped and bounced around awkwardly in SF5. Some progress in this avenue would serve as yet another wonderful example of Capcom listening to the wants and hopes of fans to help refine the Street Fighter experience.

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00:00 – Intro

01:00 – Ryu’s Costume

03:20 – Chun’s Costume

05:15 – Guile’s Costume

07:03 – Luke and Jamie’s Costumes

09:40 – Next character reveal accidentally slipped?