10 Products That Are Disguised as Healthy but It’s Actually Not True

The importance of healthy eating varies from person to person. How does each person consider it? In this article, we will explain some ambiguous points about some of this food. Some prefer to buy products that they consider “healthy”. However, it is not entirely clear whether these goods are positive for our health or if … Read more

6-Tips for How to Make Your Child Eat Healthy Food

A research team from the United Kingdom discovered that 46% of children refuse to eat vegetables. Furthermore, 75% of the parents surveyed expressed concern about their children’s nutrition. Our goal towards our children is clear and that is to give them all the vitamins their body needs to grow strong and healthy. Despite this obstacle, … Read more

Over a Dozen Android Apps on Google Play Store Caught Dropping Banking Malware

Android Banking Malware

  A malicious campaign leveraged seemingly innocuous Android dropper apps on the Google Play Store to compromise users’ devices with banking malware. These 17 dropper apps, collectively dubbed DawDropper by Trend Micro, masqueraded as productivity and utility apps such as document scanners, QR code readers, VPN services, and call recorders, among others. All these apps … Read more

Lost Ark August & September Roadmap – News | Lost Ark

Lost Ark August & September Roadmap - News | Lost Ark

Heroes of Arkesia, The July Spells in Spades update released a vast amount of content into Arkesia last week, with the Arcanist Advanced Class, Valtan Inferno Raid, the Maharaka Summer Festival, Challenge Abyssal Raids, new progression events, and more! Make sure to check out the full list in the release notes if you haven’t ventured … Read more

Ferrari launches 296 GT3 car inspired by F1 technology

Ferrari launches 296 GT3 car inspired by F1 technology

The new customer racing car that will replace the 488 GT3 Evo for 2023 has fully detachable front and rears ends in the name of increased serviceability, Ferrari revealed on the unveiling of the car ahead of this weekend’s Spa 24 Hours round of the GT World Challenge Europe. The bodywork sections at the front … Read more