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Kiska the Orca Dies at Marineland of Canada

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Breaking news: Kiska the orca has died from a bacterial infection at Marineland of Canada in Ontario. She was abducted from her home in the ocean more than four decades ago. At Marineland, she spent her final years isolated in a cramped tank, swimming in endless circles or sometimes floating listlessly. Like all orcas and other dolphins held prisoner in marine parks and exploited for entertainment, she deserved to stay in the ocean with her family, where she could have experienced a natural life.

Kiska’s Dismal Life at Marineland

In September 2021, video footage showed Kiska appearing to slam her head and body against a glass wall in the cramped tank she was kept isolated in at Marineland. The sight and sounds of Kiska as she appears to bash her head repeatedly against the tank at the Canadian tourist trap haunted viewers, as did the rest of her heartbreaking story.

In 2011, her tankmate, Ikaika, was shipped back to SeaWorld San Diego, leaving Kiska alone and isolated. Years prior to Ikaika’s transfer, all five of Kiska’s calves born at Marineland died—all of them before they were even 7 years old. In nature, orcas have an average life expectancy of 30 to 50 years, and their estimated maximum life span is 60 years for males and 80 for females.

Kiska’s death marks the end of orca captivity in Canada.

The country banned whale and dolphin captivity years ago, preventing any new cetaceans from being bred there and preventing others from being brought in from elsewhere. Sadly, Kiska was forced to remain imprisoned until the bitter end, and orcas are still held prisoner at SeaWorld parks in the U.S.

You can take action to help those animals, before they meet a fate similar to Kiska’s:

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